AUSSKY  - 'Going to Extremes' 2013 - Chasing the Weather USA

AUSSKY heads for Minnesota

4th March 2013

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill & Clyve Herbert 

0403CH003t.jpg (56848 bytes)

Glaciated mid levels, Topeka, Kansas. Photo: Clyve Herbert

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0403JON003t.jpg (63392 bytes)

Lenticular clouds, central Kansas. Photo: Jane ONeill

0403JON028t.jpg (66412 bytes)

Water storage, Flint Hills, Kansas still partially frozen. Photo: Jane ONeill

0403JON055t.jpg (54678 bytes)

Northeast Kansas. Photo: Jane ONeill

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Missouri Photo: Jane ONeill

0403JON085t.jpg (81966 bytes)

Northeast Kansas. Photo: Jane ONeill

0403JON086t.jpg (40376 bytes)

Huge flocks of Canada geese are moving northwards pausing to graze and rest on the way. Missouri. Photo: Jane ONeill

0403JON095t.jpg (58073 bytes)

Some of the older drifts are finally startng to sag as the temperatures start to rise. Iowa.Photo: Jane ONeill

0403JON122t.jpg (51627 bytes)

Missouri River with ice along the eastern bank. Atcheson. Photo: Jane ONeill

0403JON142t.jpg (67492 bytes)

Farm barn somewhere in Missouri. Photo: Jane ONeill

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0403JON175t.jpg (70826 bytes)

A wintry road scene in March, northern Iowa. Photo: Jane ONeill

0403JON177t.jpg (67044 bytes)

Many of the lakes are still completely frozen even into March. Northern Iowa. Photo: Jane ONeill

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