AUSSKY  - 'Going to Extremes' 2013 - Chasing the Weather USA

AUSSKY goes to Lake Superior

5th March 2013

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill & Clyve Herbert 

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Albert Lea southern Minnesota...buried our weather chase vehicle after 8" of snow. Photo; Clyve Herbert

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Isolated farm southern Minnesota. Photo: Clyve Herbert

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Mountains of snow being cleared Albert Lea, MN Photo: Jane ONeill

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Photo: Jane ONeill

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A snow blower explodes with ice after hitting a deep drift I 35 Rochester turn off MN.Photo: Jane ONeill

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Photo: Jane ONeill

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This is what they do with retired jets in Minnesota...

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Dealing with trucks can be difficult especially when they spray sticky ice all over your vehicle...Photo: Jane ONeill

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Public transport south of Duluth. Photo: Jane ONeill

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Photo: Jane ONeill

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We couldnt understand why they would be making snow on a freeway...till we saw the ski slope!! Photo: Jane ONeill

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Ski slope St Pauls Photo: Jane ONeill
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Photo: Jane ONeill
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0503JON318t.jpg (78777 bytes)
A pair of Loco's laid up at Duluth.Photo: Jane ONeill


0503CH024t.jpg (64957 bytes)

Frozen Lake Superior north of Duluth....Photo: Clyve Herbert


0503CH033t.jpg (51614 bytes)

The ice pack reflected bright light onto the underside of stratocumulus setting up brilliant lighting affects.Photo: Clyve Herbert

0503JON346t.jpg (54139 bytes)

On the lake ice near Duluth...Photo: Jane ONeill

0503JON359t.jpg (98330 bytes)

The lake ice was as hard as rocks...Photo: Jane ONeill

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Shore lake upwelling near Duluth..Photo: Jane ONeill

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Jane staggers through near 1 foot snow north of Duluth.Photo: Clyve Herbert
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The ice pack is not safe to walk on, with crevasses and holes, the water temp was 30F...air temp 22F. Photo: Clyve Herbert


0503CH043t.jpg (62527 bytes)

Wave hole on the edge of the ice pack inshore, waves propagate under the ice to emerge on the shore line where they break up coastal ice.Photo: Clyve Herbert

0503JON615t.jpg (75629 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill

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Stunning lake ice near Two Harbors...Photo: Clyve Herbert

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Lake ice and jetty at Two Harbors, the walkway is coated in ice as hard as concrete.Photo: Clyve Herbert


0503CH070t.jpg (83454 bytes)

Pancake ice Two Harbors MN.Photo: Clyve Herbert

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0503CH084t.jpg (59405 bytes)

Surfs up....! if you can deal with ice waves and a water temp of 30F and an air temp of 22F...Two Harbors MN Photo: Clyve Herbert

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We were amazed how the waves propagated through the thick surface mushy ice...Photo: Clyve Herbert


0503CH099t.jpg (55587 bytes)

Ice waves Two Two Harbors MN.Photo: Clyve Herbert


0503CH104t.jpg (53240 bytes)

Unbelievable ! An ice wave on Lake Superior...near Two Harbors MN.....the wave is composed of slush ice ....Photo: Clyve Herbert

0503JON527t.jpg (70051 bytes)

Lake shore near Two Harbors.Photo: Jane ONeill

0503JON540t.jpg (67630 bytes) 0503JON545t.jpg (91861 bytes)

Weird frozen patterns lake shore Two Harbors.Photo: Jane ONeill

Stay tuned for the next episode...

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