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The Great Kansas Blizzard - Day 1

20th February 2013

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill & Clyve Herbert 

The National Weather Service of the USA was onto this snow storm for several days, a major low was expected to develop around the Four Corners and then move onto the great plains driving a large cloud band across the midwest, at first Nebraska appeared to be in the gun siight but gradually the storm track was shifted south to affect Kansas.The day before (19th), the weather service had zeroed in on a low pressure tracking across northern Oklahoma or southern Kansas, that meant that the colder northern quadrant would remain across most of Kansas, it's ironic that the moisture supply for this winter storm was of tropical origin, with Gulf air riding north in the mid and upper levels and Arctic air firmly in place through the lower levels. This is a worse case senario for major snow storms across the central and eastern areas of the USA.

At our base in Hillsboro Kansas, the snow arrived around 9am on the 20th, not large flakes but tiny crystals that broke into a fine dust of white that blew around like talcum powder. Fine and tiny these snow crystals were, within an hour the stuff had coasted everything and was blowing around like thick fog, today we ventured to Wichita (returning a rental car), the drive was horrendous, trucks jacknifed and dozens of cars off the road, Wichita was a mess, there is nothing more disorienting than a white out.....welcome to America we thought and this was day one of the great plains blizzard of 2013

190213JON001t.jpg (100762 bytes)

The first snow was composed of a fine crystal that broke into a powder not unlike talcum powder. (Hillsboro KS) Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON004t.jpg (62055 bytes)

Our chase vehicle kicks up a fine powder of snow heading south towards Wichita. Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON008t.jpg (64629 bytes)

We discover that trucks work in convoys during blizzards effectivly clearing the road of snow. Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON014t.jpg (47542 bytes)

Blizzard !...terrible road conditions I 135 north of Wichita. Photo: Jane ONeill

190213CH057t.jpg (39125 bytes)

Jacknifed truck north of Wichita I 135. Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH059t.jpg (37011 bytes)

Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH066t.jpg (38090 bytes)

We stick to the truck tracks north of Wichita. Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH071t.jpg (31535 bytes)

Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH075t.jpg (39084 bytes)

Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH086t.jpg (30553 bytes)

This what driving in a Kansas blizzard is like ...OMG!!! Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH088t.jpg (50194 bytes)
Photo: Clyve Herbert
190213CH092t.jpg (40095 bytes)

Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH099t.jpg (40275 bytes)
Outskirts of Wichita KS Photo: Clyve Herbert
190213CH108t.jpg (48486 bytes)

Wichita. Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213JON021t.jpg (52560 bytes)


190213JON022t.jpg (56221 bytes)
190213JON033t.jpg (55362 bytes) 190213JON035t.jpg (54810 bytes)
190213CH110t.jpg (49887 bytes)

Almost impassable road approaching Wichita airport Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH120t.jpg (41185 bytes)

Snow plows clearing Wichita Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213JON040t.jpg (65281 bytes)
Wichita railyards. Photo: Jane ONeill
190213JON050t.jpg (58511 bytes)

Large drain in Wichita icing up. Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON051t.jpg (60532 bytes) 190213JON053t.jpg (64255 bytes)

Our mascot for 2013 Beaker poses for the camera. Photo: Jane ONeill

190213CH132t.jpg (48541 bytes) 190213CH135t.jpg (48084 bytes)
190213JON055t.jpg (56651 bytes)

Slowing traffic struggles through Wichita. Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON057t.jpg (70787 bytes)

One of many vehicles off the road south of Newton Kansas Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON058t.jpg (67144 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON063t.jpg (82158 bytes)

We were amazed how some of the locals sped past and ended up like this guy ! Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON073t.jpg (54053 bytes)

Another truck off the road ! Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON089t.jpg (47362 bytes)

Things go better with coke....sort of....Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON098t.jpg (53209 bytes)

Another road convoy...HWY 50...Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON103t.jpg (54662 bytes)

Home at last...Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON121t.jpg (80513 bytes)

Local cop on patrol Hillsboro...Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON143t.jpg (61986 bytes)

Another icicle car...Photo: Jane ONeill

190213CH143t.jpg (49376 bytes)

Main street Hillsboro early afternoon 26F. Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH147t.jpg (51890 bytes)

Hillsboro KS Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH154t.jpg (80223 bytes) 190213CH164t.jpg (101872 bytes)
190213CH171t.jpg (104243 bytes)
Chase base Hillsboro.Photo: Clyve Herbert
190213CH172t.jpg (106222 bytes)

Photos: Clyve Herbert

190213CH2006t.jpg (64458 bytes)

Hillsboro park. Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH2012t.jpg (64704 bytes)

Cold cemetery Hillsboro Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH2017t.jpg (52349 bytes)

Marker flag in a snow drift Hillsboro. Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213CH2020t.jpg (119388 bytes)

Walking path Hillsboro. Photo: Clyve Herbert

190213JON146t.jpg (83030 bytes)

Our AWD chase vehicle Hillsboro KS..Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON149t.jpg (85340 bytes)

Main street Hillsboro.

190213JON174t.jpg (108636 bytes)

Our chase base Hillsboro. Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON184t.jpg (112625 bytes)

Measuring snow Hillsboro. Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON196t.jpg (92640 bytes)

First use of the snow shovel, Chase base Hillsboro Photo: Jane ONeill

190213JON2029t.jpg (101555 bytes)

Icicle car Hillsboro KS Photo: Jane ONeill

Stay tuned for the next episode...

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