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The Great Kansas Blizzard - Day 2

21st February 2013

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill & Clyve Herbert 

It's not every day you are woken up by a clap of thunder at 4am then to peer outside to watch a blizzard raging, snow so thick you can't see across the road! From the 3 or 4" that fell the day before, now we were watching 10 to 12" fall in just a couple of hours!

By daybreak the view around Hillsboro was nothing short of "breathtaking", snow piled high drifts of 3 to 4 feet covering roads. Most of Kansas was buried in 10 to 18" of fine powder snow. It may have taken 100 years to get global warming to increase the global temperature by 1 or 2F but Kansas entered an ice age in just one night !.It was amazing to see the services get their act together, clearing roads, and checking abandoned cars all over the place, the entire interstate 70 was closed with hundreds of cars and trucks stuck. By mid morning our local town of Hillsboro had graders, snowplows clearing the city streets, mountains of snow were being trucked away to nearby fields, it would take weeks for all this snow to melt....and at last Kansas has got enough snow to dent its nasty drought.

Walking around is fraught with unexpected tumbles, your feet just suddenly slip away and often before your brain has realised, you end up all contorted on the ice with a silly grin on your matter how carefully you walk it happens time and time again. Around Hillsboro the local schools have mobilised their students for snow clearing duties, they move around the town to clear paths and driveways.

By days end more snow is falling - this time a fine dusty crystal that stings the face. By day two central Kansas has tallied up to 14 or 16" over the two days. Still the Kansanians have fun we watch some dude on a garbage can lid get towed along the ice by a big Ford 350. As day two of the great Kansas snow storm ends the forecast is for another belting of snow within several days.

200213CH011t.jpg (90256 bytes)

South Washington buried...Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH004t.jpg (93712 bytes)

Yikes !Greeted with snow piled up to the veranda....Day 2 of the great Kansas snowstorm.Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH005t.jpg (84021 bytes)

Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH011t.jpg (90256 bytes)
200213CH021t.jpg (68791 bytes)

Our chase base piled with snow...21/Feb/2013.Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH027t.jpg (75661 bytes)

Jane risking life and limb to photograph the snow.Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH028t.jpg (91183 bytes)

It's amazing what two or three hours of torrential snow will do. Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH029t.jpg (85080 bytes)

A yank tank survivor and roof glacier.Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH033t.jpg (65550 bytes)

Hillsboro main street...Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH034t.jpg (56035 bytes)

Drifting powder snow main street Hillsboro.Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH037t.jpg (69537 bytes)

A frozen moment, storm gutter stopped in its tracks !Photo: Clyve Herbert

200213CH2042t.jpg (42067 bytes)
200213JON004t.jpg (110636 bytes)

Snow was drifted onto the veranda....Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON015t.jpg (79870 bytes)
200213JON016t.jpg (93206 bytes)

PJ'like a kid in a lolly shop (candy shop) it was out in the snow first thing and it's only 17F..-7C.Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON021t.jpg (71547 bytes)

Almost a foot !

200213JON026t.jpg (98960 bytes) 200213JON029t.jpg (93460 bytes)

Clyve interviewing a local college student.... Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON032t.jpg (95078 bytes) 200213JON050t.jpg (77793 bytes)

Drifting snow Hillsboro.Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON060t.jpg (83045 bytes)

A new type of Beetle ! Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON068t.jpg (92490 bytes)

Roof avalanche!!

200213JON073t.jpg (61761 bytes)




200213JON084t.jpg (77645 bytes)

Attrocious conditions Hillsboro Kansas blizzard...main street.Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON095t.jpg (76608 bytes)

Volunteers on their way to clear snow...Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON100t.jpg (84671 bytes)
200213JON141t.jpg (66697 bytes)

Australian Sky and Weather on the scene for their upcoming Going to Extremes - Chasing the Weather USA 2013 DVD !.Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON146t.jpg (105259 bytes)

The big boys are out clearing snow...Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON153t.jpg (65116 bytes) 200213JON156t.jpg (86805 bytes)
200213JON157t.jpg (91779 bytes) 200213JON158t.jpg (101452 bytes)
200213JON2003t.jpg (59542 bytes)

The local gas station Caseys...snow mountains in the driveway !Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON2025t.jpg (50197 bytes)
200213JON2032t.jpg (52841 bytes) 200213JON2037t.jpg (52658 bytes)

The road disappears in whiteout conditions. Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON2039t.jpg (51070 bytes)

Dangerous driving Flint Hills Kansas.Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON2057t.jpg (30826 bytes)

Scary trucks in a blizzard....Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON2063t.jpg (68839 bytes)


200213JON2065t.jpg (44575 bytes)
200213JON2092t.jpg (68356 bytes)

These guys were out all night doing a great job...Photos; Clyve Herbert

200213JON2097t.jpg (56762 bytes)
200213JON2104t.jpg (76463 bytes) 200213JON2115t.jpg (69820 bytes)
200213JON2119t.jpg (63388 bytes)
Wildlife...Main St, Marion, KS Photo: Jane ONeill
200213JON2143t.jpg (78418 bytes)

Wildlife...Main St, Marion, KS Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON2174t.jpg (49544 bytes) 200213JON2229t.jpg (40013 bytes)

A foot deep for as far as we could see...Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON2251t.jpg (64561 bytes)

Snow plows working near Marion Kansas Photo: Jane ONeill

200213JON2268t.jpg (63063 bytes)

Robins...we think they were eating salt or grit..that's all we could find on the road.Photo: Jane ONeill

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