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The Great Kansas Blizzard - Day 3

22nd February 2013

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill & Clyve Herbert 

There's no doubt that Australians get gabby over snow! But even the Kansanians were getting excited over this snow event...the previous winter had been mild with little snow. All the winter storm warnings were out and the bullseye for the heaviest snow had been shifted from Nebraska to Kansas, and by Day 3 there was no doubt that Kansas had copped the best of the storm. The reason why Kansanians were happy about this was their ongoing drought. This amount of snow would put moisture in the ground when it melted, but the process was to take another 2 weeks with one of the coldest ends to winter for a long time. The Day 3 forecast was for sunny and cold.....despite the sunshine this was to be the coldest day of the month with the maximums barely exceeding 27F/-3C.

In the early morning, the snow lay crisp, deep and was only 1degree F!! Despite the clear air, ice crystals were suspnded and could be seen glistening in the rising sun. The contrast of the blue sky and the snow was stunning and we ventured out to photograph the spectacle. This is a sight that we've never seen before, and fortunately our 4WD vehicle handled the conditions well. We found the local sled run on the embankment of the Lake Marion dam wall. Adjacent to the lake the snow was nearly 2' deep - it was a busy day indeed with many photographic opportunities.

Driving back to Hillsboro, the winter storm warnings were being reposted...another blizzard was on the way

220213CH063t.jpg (83831 bytes)

A deceptive sunny morning ...its 12F....almost a foot of snow on the level, time to dig out !Photo: Clyve Herbert

220213CH064t.jpg (106705 bytes)

Photo: Clyve Herbert

220213CH073t.jpg (104690 bytes)

Plowed roads are covered in hard ice...Photo: Clyve Herbert

220213CH081t.jpg (89760 bytes)

The best time to dig out is within a day of a snowfall...after that the snowpack compresses and becomes heavy.Photo: Clyve Herbert

220213CH088t.jpg (66389 bytes)

A feature of the morning was the brilliant blue sky.Photo: Clyve Herbert

220213CH096t.jpg (68549 bytes)
220213JON307t.jpg (48843 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON308t.jpg (102554 bytes)

Two foot drifts are common along the roadways.Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON314t.jpg (119711 bytes)

Digging out the main street in Hillsboro, this would take all day...

220213JON317t.jpg (60881 bytes)

'The Cloud" paid us a brief visit!!  Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON2003t.jpg (117615 bytes) 220213JON3008t.jpg (88295 bytes)
220213JON3009t.jpg (89145 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3011t.jpg (86716 bytes)

Piled snow cleared from side roads Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3047t.jpg (50227 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3054t.jpg (50586 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill


220213JON3067t.jpg (52250 bytes)

Hundreds of Geese count em !Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3075t.jpg (98614 bytes)

What? me worried?

220213JON3103t.jpg (86114 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3105t.jpg (107899 bytes)

The Lake Marion dam wall used for sledding..Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3120t.jpg (81210 bytes) 220213JON3122t.jpg (91793 bytes)

Slushy ice on the edge of Lake Marion. Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3131t.jpg (85780 bytes)

Lake Marion with frozen edges..water temp 33F air temp 22F Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3137t.jpg (100248 bytes)



Two foot of snow Lake Marion reserve.Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3140t.jpg (91510 bytes)

Virgin snow Lake Marion.

220213JON3143t.jpg (65229 bytes)
220213CH3014t.jpg (75356 bytes) 220213CH3018t.jpg (83599 bytes)

Snow pattern lake Marion.Photo: Clyve Herbert

220213CH3024t.jpg (83289 bytes)
Riming pier Lake Marion. Photo: Clyve Herbert
220213CH3025t.jpg (67095 bytes)
220213CH3027t.jpg (63457 bytes)

Ice along the edge of Lake Marion. Photo: Clyve Herbert

220213CH3028t.jpg (85219 bytes)

Bright blue sky and a foot of snow! Photo: Clyve Herbert

220213JON3148t.jpg (66628 bytes)

Lake Marion dam wall .Photo: Jane ONeill

220213JON3153t.jpg (99664 bytes)
220213JON3155t.jpg (95017 bytes) 220213CH3031t.jpg (64688 bytes)



Still no traffic on HWY 56, the place looks more like a scene out of the Arctic...Photo: Clyve Herbert

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