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The Great Kansas Blizzard - Day 4

23rd February 2013

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill & Clyve Herbert

By Day 4 of the Great Kansas snowstorm temperatures have lifted a little but are still hovering around freezing. This was the calm before the next storm.

We headed west to McPherson....a sizeable town adjacent to the I-135. By Day 4 most roads were clear with huge piles of snow along the kerbways. After McPherson we headed northeast into the rural country of central the old farms were great photographic subjects. Small towns like Gypsum and Roxbury were history lessons of the past. The snow didn't seem to affect the locals - they just got on with life..and it's surprising how abundant wildlife is through Kansas, with the greatest flocks of birds being the meadowlarks in the hundreds.

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This is McPherson after 15" of snow fell 3 days ago ! Photo: Jane ONeill

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The idea is to bulldoze the snow to the sidewalk from there the inevitable thaw will take care of the snowpiles.Photo: Jane ONeill

230213JON066t.jpg (50406 bytes)
The interstate I 135 looking south ..Wichita is about 50 miles south of here.Photo: Jane ONeill
230213JON123t.jpg (50603 bytes)

Last year's corn crop,that grew in a spell of record heat !Photo: Jane ONeill

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230213JON199t.jpg (46647 bytes)

Open range east of Tampa KS Photo: Clyve Herbert

230213JON210t.jpg (62953 bytes)

Snow drifts near Tampa Kansas.Photo: Jane ONeill

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230213JON220t.jpg (117780 bytes)

Old farm buildings Roxbury Photo: Jane ONeill

230213JON225t.jpg (58452 bytes)



Countryside of central Kansas. Photo: Jane ONeill

230213JON242t.jpg (104266 bytes)



Last years hay crop..Roxbury Photo: Jane ONeill

230213JON254t.jpg (89138 bytes)
Bird life Roxbury Photo: Jane ONeill
230213JON266t.jpg (116397 bytes)

Icicle curtain Roxbury KS Photo: Jane ONeill

230213JON274t.jpg (47116 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill

230213JON276t.jpg (77842 bytes)
Countryside around Roxbury.Photo: Jane ONeill
230213JON299t.jpg (52385 bytes)
Water tower near Tampa KS Photo: Jane ONeill
230213JON305t.jpg (63483 bytes)

Snow drifts near McPherson...Photo: Jane ONeill

230213JON316t.jpg (79789 bytes)

Old Kansas farm shed...Photo: Jane ONeill

230213JON319t.jpg (51738 bytes)

Photo: Jane ONeill

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