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Winter Storm 'Rocky'

26th February 2013

Report: Clyve Herbert

Photography: Jane ONeill & Clyve Herbert 

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The second winter storm in a week drops another 6" of wet sticky snow and that's on top of the 1st winter storm that dropped almost 12"....Chasebase Hillsboro.Photo: Clyve Herbert

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Photo: Clyve Herbert

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Photo: Clyve Herbert

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Photo: Clyve Herbert

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This snow sticks to everything but is very pretty. Photo: Jane ONeill

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Photo: Jane ONeill

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Snow sticking to everything this morning in Hillsboro, Kansas!!

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Photo: Jane ONeill

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Photo: Jane ONeill

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Icebergs on the street...

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Beautiful early morning after a snowstorm on top of a snowstorm....Photo: Jane ONeill

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One man clearing team outside the Panda chinese restaurant...Photo: Jane ONeill

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The Hillsboro city council were at it from 5am clearing the snow....Photo: Jane ONeill

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Kids were enjoying the day off from school...the storm closed most schools in Kansas. Photo: Jane ONeill

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The local Ford dealer in Hillsboro...any model you like as long as its white...Photo: Jane ONeill

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Not a bike lover ! Photo: Jane ONeill

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Snow plows working near Marion on HWY 56.Photo: Jane ONeill

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Just out of town the blizzard cranks up....

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Blowing snow near Marion Kansas..Yes thats the road in front..Photo: Jane ONeill
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Wildlife is abundant in Kansas even in a blizzard...Photo: Clyve Herbert

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Osprey hunting...Photo: Clyve Herbert

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Drive through this and it's a whiteout....Photo: Jane ONeill

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Icy intersection of HWY 56 and HWY 77 Photo: Jane ONeill

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One of many frozen dams in Kansas this year...Photo: Jane ONeill

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Winter scene central Kansas

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Cottonwood River partly frozen near Marion. Photo: Jane ONeill

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Cardinal hiding in the tree. Photo: Jane ONeill

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Blowing snow next to HWY 56 Kansas

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Happy horse Marion Cove. Photo: Jane ONeill

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Approaches to Hillsboro HWY 56.Photo: Jane ONeill

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This is a 'river' flowing in the gutter across from the house.....No Bryan, that's not an iceberg!! Photo: Jane ONeill

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